The Canberra Yacht Club congratulates its Members for achievements in sailing and volunteering, needed to keep our club operating. The following archives contain the annual awardees and office holders since the club was formed in 1959.

We expect any missing awards to be added in future updates.
Please contact the office if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Honour Senior

Year Yachtsman Yachtswoman Crew of the Year Most Improved Skipper Family of the Year Clubmember
2020-21 A. Webster S. Kennedy Seventeen Hodgman G. Anderson
2019-20 S. Kershaw G. Lambeck S. Hart & F. Buckley Hart D. McGrath
2018-19 R. Longbottom C. Keir B. Stevens Peek G. Brooks

Honour Junior

Year Yachtsman Yachtswoman Crew of the Year
2020 J. Taylor E. Hogbin - Bourne
2019 J. Taylor A. Connery
2018 D. Roos A. Connery

Honour Comitee

Year Commodore Vice Commodore Rear Commodore Sailing Rear Commodore House Rear Commodore Member Services Rear Commodore Operations Rear Commodore Finance Rear Commodore Training Rear Commodore Communications Rear Commodore Inclusion Club Captain Honarary Life Members
2020-21 S. Hart D. Hayward P. Hodgman J. O'Donnell N. Hildyard P. Brown
2019-20 S. Hart D. Hayward P. Hodgman J. O'Donnell D. Witschi P. Brown
2018-19 S. Hart D. Hayward I. Brokenshire / P. Hodgman J. O'Donnell D. Witschi P. Brown


The CYC has digitised its early newsletters, committee minutes and racing documents, they are available to read here.

Year Month Newsletter - PDF
2018 September OPEN
2017 May OPEN
2016 October OPEN
March OPEN
2015 June OPEN
2014 March - June OPEN
Jan - March OPEN
2013 Nov - Dec OPEN
March - June OPEN
2012 Sept - Oct OPEN
May - August OPEN
Feb - April OPEN
2011 / 2012 Nov 2011 - Jan 2012 OPEN
2011 Sept - Oct OPEN
May - June OPEN


Year Description PDF Size
CYC Early Regattas OPEN 16 MB
2001 - 2005 Sailing News - February 2001 OPEN 100 MB
1996 - 2000 Canberra Yacht Club - Sailing Advice OPEN 96 MB
1991 - 1995 The Canberra Yachtsman OPEN 45 MB
1986 - 1990 The Canberra Yachtsman OPEN 86 MB
1980 - 1985 The Canberra Yachtsman OPEN 79 MB
1976 - 1980 Canberra Yacht Club - Newsletter OPEN 76 MB
1971 - 1975 Notices OPEN 24 MB
1966 - 1970 Clubhouse Requirements OPEN 30 MB
1960 - 1965 Nominations OPEN 13 MB